Today’s football press: Tuesday, November 29

Mundo Deportivo Spanish newspaper

The Spanish newspaper focused on the qualification of Brazil and Portugal for the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and wrote: “Brazil and Portugal in the round of 16”, and on the participation of the Spanish national team and its numbers in the Qatar World Cup finals and wrote: “Red Obsession”, and it also paid attention to Tuesday’s matches Ecuador In front of Senegal, the Netherlands in front of Qatar, and England in front of Wales, and about the meeting between Iran and America, I wrote: “Referee Matteo Lahoz, peace and football.” The newspaper also paid attention to the statements of Barcelona president Juan Laporta about the winter transfer market and wrote: “Laporta talks about the transfer market: “We will not contract With players in January

British newspaper The Sun

And the British newspaper published about the English Premier League setting the dates for the Arsenal and Manchester City summit, in the English Premier League, after it was postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth, and Manchester United’s desire to include Pulisic during the upcoming January transfers, in order to compensate for the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo

French newspaper L’Equipe

The French newspaper published about Griezmann’s brilliance with the French national team in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and wrote: “The Great Griezmann.” And about Brazil’s 1/0 victory over Switzerland, the newspaper wrote: “Brazil is a neutral winner.” And about Portugal’s 2/0 victory over Uruguay, I wrote: “Perfection.” Portuguese

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport

The Italian newspaper published about the resignation of the Italian Juventus board of directors and wrote: Juventus Revolution.” The newspaper also focused on the news of the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals and Onana’s disagreement with the Cameroon coach with Coach Song and wrote: “Onana’s disagreement with the coach and the exit from Cameroon,” and about Brazil’s victory 1/ 0 against Switzerland and qualified for the round of 16. I wrote: “Brazil alone is magic

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