Today’s football press: Monday, November 28

Spanish newspaper MARCA

The Spanish newspaper focused on Spain’s 1/1 draw against Germany in the 2022 World Cup and wrote: “a punch.” And on Morocco’s 2/0 victory over Belgium, the newspaper wrote: “Belgium is entering a crisis,” and Croatia’s 1/4 victory over Canada wrote: “ Croatia achieves a landslide victory and tops the group.” The newspaper also focused on the Brazil-Switzerland match, writing, “Don Neymar in order to qualify for the round of 16

British newspaper The Sun

And the British newspaper published about the England national team match against Wales in the 2022 World Cup, and Harry Kane’s statements, and wrote: “Foden until the final,” and “Harry Kane insists that England knows what it takes to reach the final and he is fit enough to lead the attack,” and about the star Marcus. Manchester United striker Rashford and the England national team The newspaper wrote: “Rashford shooting from the eyes,” as it focused on Monday’s matches, Brazil against Switzerland, Cameroon with Serbia, Ghana against South Korea, and Portugal against Uruguay

French newspaper L’Equipe

The French newspaper published about Morocco’s 2/0 victory over Belgium in the 2022 World Cup and wrote: “Atlas Stars.” And about the French national team, the newspaper wrote: “Why do the French national team players breathe confidence

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport

The Italian newspaper published about Kylian Mbappe’s brilliance with the France national team, and Lionel Messi’s dream during the Qatar World Cup 2022, and wrote, “Messi…the last dream is a family issue,” and Mbappe…the golden man of the World Cup,” and about Germany’s 1/1 draw against Germany. Spain wrote:Germany saves itself and also believes.” About Morocco’s 0-2 victory over Belgium, the newspaper wrote: What a Moroccan team

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