Report: Denmark vs Tunisia in World Cup 2022

The “Education City” stadium will host an important and strong match between the Tunisian national team and its counterpart, the Danish national team, on Tuesday evening, November 22, 2022, as part of the first round of Group D in the group stage of the Qatar World Cup 2022

The Tunisian national team enters the match, looking for a positive result in its first match in the World Cup, in order to compete for one of the two qualification cards from Group D. The Carthage Eagles team has had many friendly meetings, from which it has benefited and corrected its mistakes in the coming period, and is with the Tunisian national team in This group is Denmark, France and Australia

On the other hand, the Denmark national team has many distinguished players in its list, as it prepares for the match strongly as it wants to avoid surprises at the beginning of its career, so it will try to do everything possible to get the full mark at the beginning of its career, and strive to present a strong match to achieve victory and make a distinguished start in the game. World Cup 2022

Update : result of the match

The two teams tied 0 – 0