Football press today: Thursday December 01

Spanish newspaper MARCA

The Spanish newspaper focused on the Spain-Japan match in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and wrote: “There are no accounts of value: ours or ours.” And about the Germany-Costa Rica match, the newspaper wrote: “Germany without red lines must win and hope.” The newspaper also paid attention to the results Wednesday’s matches, which qualified Argentina, Australia and Poland, and wrote, “Australia – Argentina and France – Poland in the round of 16.” The newspaper also focused on the matches of Croatia and Belgium and wrote: “The last train for a generation.” And about the Morocco match against Canada, it wrote: “The African team is enough for a point

British newspaper The Sun

And the British newspaper published about the England national team after qualifying for the round of 16 and trying to chase calm and wrote: “Gareth Southgate says that the pressure has reached a boiling point with England moving to the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup,” and about the departure of English defender Ben White Qatar back to England for personal reasons and wrote: “ Ben White leaves Qatar

French newspaper L’Equipe

The French newspaper published about the defeat of France 1/0 against Tunisia and the victory of Argentina 2/0 over Poland 2-0, which makes the French team face Poland in the round of 16 and wrote: “The wrong step and Poland.” The newspaper also focused on the matches of Costa Rica against Germany and Belgium against Croatia. She wrote: “Belgium and Germany are under threat

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport

The Italian newspaper published about Juventus, the potential new board of directors, and the possibility of Del Piero joining, and wrote, “Ferrero loves Alessandro Del Piero, vice president.” And about the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches, she wrote about Argentina’s qualification: “Argentina, yes, dominated Poland and faces Australia in the round of 16.” And about the Croatia-Belgium match, I wrote: “Brozović vs. Lukaku, Croatia vs. Belgium

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