Football press today: Saturday December 03

Spanish AS newspaper

The Spanish newspaper focused on the round of 16 matches of Argentina against Australia and said: “Argentina appeals to Messi,” and about the Netherlands match against America and wrote: “The United States of America believes in qualifying.” The newspaper also focused on the Spain national team and its results in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and its preparation for the round of 16 match. In front of Morocco, she wrote: “Spain on the sofa.” And about Brazil losing 1/0 against Cameroon, she wrote: “Brazil is not perfect either.” And about Uruguay’s exclusion, despite the 2/0 victory over Ghana, she wrote: “Uruguay dies on the beach

British newspaper The Sun

The British newspaper published about the England-Senegal match in the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and wrote: “We are here to stay,” and about Luis Suarez’s tears after the Uruguay national team was eliminated and wrote: “Suarez’s tears.” It also paid attention to the statements of Eduardo Mendy, the Senegalese player: “You all wrote about us.” Wrong but we like to deceive

French newspaper L’Equipe

The French newspaper published about the French national team, defending its title in the Qatar World Cup 2022, and wrote: “The Heart of the Reactor.” And about the Qatari Nasser Al-Khulaifi’s statements, the newspaper wrote: “Nasser Al-Khulaifi: We were very kind and this matter ended.” The newspaper was also concerned with Cameroon’s victory 1/0 On Brazil, she wrote: “Cameroon achieved a surprise without qualifying

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport

The Italian newspaper published about the future of the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, the Inter Milan striker, after his exit from the World Cup finals, and wrote: “The World Cup changes the fate of Romelu Lukaku.” And about the Juventus crisis and his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, his former star, the newspaper wrote: “Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo: The Three Card Game.” It also paid attention to the round of 16 match between Argentina and Australia in the World Cup finals and Brazil’s loss to Cameroon 0/1 at the end of the group stage

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