Football press today: Monday December 12

Mundo Deportivo Spanish newspaper

The Spanish newspaper focused on Barcelona’s interest in the Moroccan star “Ezzedine Onahi” after his brilliance in the 2022 World Cup finals and wrote: “Onahi is Barcelona’s goal.” And on the 2022 World Cup finals and the exit of the teams that possess the ball, the newspaper wrote: “The 2022 World Cup punishes control.” The newspaper also paid attention to the Brazilian star, Andrique, who is close to moving to Real Madrid, and wrote: “Andrique masters the game.”

British newspaper The Sun

The British newspaper published about the 2022 World Cup semi-finals and wrote about the Argentina match against Croatia: “Messi for a hat-trick in Qatar … the title, best player and scorer.” And about the Morocco match against France, she wrote: “The secret of Morocco: they attract players of Moroccan origin from Europe since childhood,” and about the fate of Gareth Southgate in coaching the England national team, and wrote: “Southgate’s departure,” “The dream ended and the investigation begins,” and “Billingham: The referee was not up to par.”

French newspaper L’Equipe

The French newspaper published about the Morocco match against France and Hakimi’s confrontation with his friend Mbappe and wrote: “Hakimi against Mbappe: the half are brothers.” And about the statements of Noel Le Grant, President of the French Football Federation, regarding the future of coach Didier Deschamps, and wrote: “Le Grant: I hope he says yes.” .

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport

The Italian newspaper published about the Moroccan national team and the brilliance of its players in the World Cup and said: “Morocco went”, checking the talents who led Africa to their first semi-final .. Milan set his sights on Ziyash, and Hakimi wants Inter Milan, and Liverpool is enchanted by Sofiane Imrabat .. and Onahi the big deal.

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